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Cathy Borten Interviewed for RCR Wireless News Podcast

Posted March 15, 2021 at 12:16 PM

Miller, Miller & Canby real estate attorney Cathy Borten was a guest on the the RCR Wireless News’ “Well Technically….” podcast on February 23rd.

“Well Technically” is a tech podcast, produced and edited by Catherine Sbeglia, “where women do the explaining.”

Cathy discussed her interesting career path, the importance of mentorship, and her current work in the legal and wireless landscape.

Cathy began her career in marketing and advertising before deciding to attend law school.  After working in private practice and also working as in-house counsel for the city of Gaithersburg, she joined Miller, Miller & Canby in Montgomery County, MD.

Although she sought out and worked with numerous mentors throughout her career, she never had a female mentor, something she regrets and hopes other women will prioritize in their own careers.  Recently, she joined the Maryland chapter of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) – to network with other women. Now a board member, she explains she has found it invaluable and empowering to be entrenched in a “female centric” organization.

Cathy also discussed how her work in real estate transactions and leasing has made her aware of the policy and zoning challenges that telecom providers are up against as they seek to install 5G network infrastructure.

“It doesn’t make sense to put 10 or 20 small cells through the same process you would put a macro tower through,” she said.  She counsels developers, carriers and other clients on navigating the current landscape. One thing she strongly advises: “Carriers and infrastructure companies should cooperate and work with jurisdictions. It’s important to work with the community.”

Click here to listen to the entire podcast.

Cathy Borten is an associate in Miller, Miller & Canby’s Real Estate practice group, where she focuses her practice in commercial real estate transactions and leasing, real estate litigation, and commercial financings and settlements. She also focuses in telecommunications law, handling matters for a diverse client base that includes developers, wireless telecommunications firms and municipalities.  She is licensed to practice in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. To learn more contact Cathy via email.