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Scott Mirsky Presents to Association of Language Companies on Worker Misclassification: Employees vs Independent Contractors

Posted February 7, 2024 at 11:33 AM

On January 18, employment law attorney Scott Mirsky presented a webinar on worker misclassification issues to the Association of Language Companies, a national organization that supports the language service industry. The webinar was intended to educate participants on the various laws that surround these very complex issues. Many organizations that work across multiple jurisdictions are impacted by laws on federal, state and local levels, adding to the complexity. The information provided in the webinar may be of interest to organizations across any industry that need to distinguish between an independent contractor model versus an employee model. The webinar attempted to demystify the distinction between employees and independent contractors; provide tips on how to structure an independent contractor relationship; and discuss pitfalls that can result in an unfavorable decision stemming from an unemployment audit.

To view the presentation in its entirety, click here. Questions?

Scott Mirsky is a principal in Miller, Miller & Canby’s Employment Law and Employment Litigation practice, with more than 20 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in diverse civil matters throughout the Washington, DC region. He has experience handling non-compete and trade secret disagreements, employment claims, issues concerning independent contractors, intellectual property infringement cases, complex construction issues, wage and overtime disputes under the FLSA and state law, and breach of contract claims. Learn more about his practice here or contact him directly via email.