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Estates & Trusts Litigation

Representing a variety of stakeholders, including personal representatives, trustees, guardians, beneficiaries or heirs, and creditors, our trial attorneys have been called upon countless times to apply their skilled counsel and experience in these fields. We work closely with our clients to successfully, and efficiently, accomplish their goals.

Consider MM&C to help you in these Estates & Trusts Litigation matters:
  • Trust Litigation, including actions to interpret and enforce trust agreements
  • Probate Litigation, including asserting or defending actions for judicial probate, to caveat a will (or contest a will), for an accounting, for an inventory, or to enforce a creditor’s claim against the estate
  • Guardianships
  • Fiduciary Duty Claims
  • Undue Influence
  • Constructive Trust Claims


Donna McBride successfully litigated a recent case for me. Her expertise, diligence, and intuition are all truly remarkable. Moreover, she is ethical and compassionate. Bravo to Donna, her firm, and all their outstanding work!

Steven M. Shimoura, M.D.

I / we would definitely want to be Donna’s client and not her opposition! Donna commands the courtroom; she is sharp, thinks on her feet. We had great success!

Bijan & Lynn, Kazerouni Bijan Enterprises, LLC

In our interactions, Mike Campbell was prompt, communicative, patient and instructive. He stayed solidly on-target, where the aim was to best help his client. He was a professional who explained the situation, requested input, outlined the options, provided a recommendation and sought a decision. Additionally, I appreciated that he was supportive of my thinking. I won't hesitate to recommend Mike.

Joshua Mills

Diane Feuerherd and Donna McBride of the esteemed law firm of Miller, Miller & Canby represented me in a contentious, protracted civil litigation over a challenge to my mother’s estate planning and decisions. My respect and gratitude grew as they navigated the complexities of an estate challenge. From the beginning they strategically anticipated and acted to facilitate the final decision in my favor. Diane and Donna are individually accomplished with extensive knowledge about the intricacies of estate litigation. Their individual strengths complement each other as they become a formidable team; they are gracious, direct, and purposeful in all interactions. Diane took the lead at a four-day trial masterfully setting the stage in her opening, providing key evidence and testimony during the trial, and culminating in a brilliant closing to expose the subterfuge attempted to discredit me and my actions. Donna partnered with Diane throughout with her extensive expertise and knowledge. Diane and Donna are supported by staff members who provided assistance to me whenever needed; Catherine Schombert, Kate Martino, and TaNika Newman went above and beyond with kindness and exemplary service. They each ensured my needs were accommodated while navigating these proceedings. Miller, Miller & Canby, Diane Feuerherd, and Donna McBride are recognized nationally and locally. I will be eternally grateful for their counsel on my behalf.

Sandra Rosell

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