FCC Pushes 5G Order to Streamline Deployment of Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure
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FCC Pushes 5G Order to Streamline Deployment of Next Generation Wireless Infrastructure

Posted October 25, 2018 at 2:19 PM

On Sept 5, 2018 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) pushed an order to streamline small cell siting. The Commission’s Order states: To meet rapidly increasing demand for wireless services and prepare our national infrastructure for 5G, providers must deploy infrastructure at significantly more locations using new, small cell facilities. Building upon streamlining actions already taken by state and local governments, this Declaratory Ruling and Third Report and Order is part of a national strategy to promote the timely buildout of this new infrastructure across the country by eliminating regulatory impediments that unnecessarily add delays and costs to bringing advanced wireless services to the public.

The Commission’s order limits the fees localities can charge for reviewing small cells in a public Right-of-Way, sets shot clocks on those reviews, and affirms local governments can apply reasonable aesthetic considerations. The order raised concerns, as many localities say the order will deny them the right to effectively govern small cell placement in a ROW.

During the vote, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stressed how he and Commissioner Brendan Carr, made it a point to discuss the draft order with local governments to get their input. Carr said the order ensures, “No city is subsidizing 5G.” Carr stressed that economists believe the changes will save $8,000 per deployment of each small cell, money that could help bring 5G deployments to more places.

If the U.S. doesn’t act to ease such deployment, other countries will, Carr said. China “wants to lead the tech sector for the next decade. They are moving aggressively to deploy the infrastructure needed for 5G. Everyday, China is deploying 460 cell sites. That is 12 times our pace.”

Click here to read the FCC order.  The map below indicates in blue the states where a small cell bill has been enacted. Please note, Maryland does not currently have a small cell bill.

Local jurisdictions in Maryland, including Montgomery County are reviewing how they will handle the FCC Order.

“The FCC order takes significant steps toward facilitating small cell deployment and 5G wireless.  Since Maryland has failed to pass any legislation addressing small cells, and Montgomery County recently failed to pass legislation that would allow small cells in residential areas, it will be interesting to see what impact the FCC order has locally”, says MM&C Real Estate Attorney, Cathy Borten.

Montgomery County may join other Washington metropolitan jurisdictions in filing an appeal of the FCC small cells order that set timetables for localities to make siting decisions and capped application fees. “We plan to argue that the FCC has significantly overreached and is seeking to remove local control,” said Montgomery County Council President Hans Riemer (D-At Large). Riemer has said he hopes the council can agree on new county regulations before the FCC order takes effect in January. “I think it would help make the case that local governments can be relied upon to make changes for wireless technology,” Riemer told The Washington Post.

The telecommunications land use attorneys at Miller, Miller & Canby are experienced and entrenched in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia’s 5G Wireless and Small Cells Zoning. Our telecommunications, zoning, land use and real estate attorneys are closely monitoring the impacts of the FCC order and the efforts of local legislatures to craft small cell legislation in order to be able to advise telecommunications carriers and potential landlords.

Sean P. Hughes is an attorney in Miller, Miller & Canby’s Land Use practice group. His career spans more than two decades of focus in legal and wireless telecommunications and he has represented clients in land use and zoning matters throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  To learn more about the firm’s Land Use and Zoning practice, contact Sean on 301-762-5212.

Cathy Borten is an associate in Miller, Miller & Canby’s real estate practice group. She focuses in commercial real estate transactions and leasing, real estate litigation, land use and zoning and commercial financings and settlements. Cathy has over 10 years’ experience in leasing, land use and zoning in the wireless telecommunications industry. Cathy also participated in the drafting of the Montgomery County and City of Gaithersburg original small cell ordinances. To learn more about the firm’s Real Estate practice, contact Cathy on 301-762-5212.