City of Gaithersburg Considers Changes to Small Cell Regulations
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City of Gaithersburg Considers Changes to Small Cell Regulations

Posted January 10, 2019 at 3:56 PM

While some communities are re-inventing themselves as smart cities, many other small towns are busy deciphering what 5G means to them. Bringing 5G capabilities to an area means either new telecommunications towers or small cell deployment and all the financial implications of each.

The September FCC 5G and Small Cell Order is trying to help wireless companies speed deployment of 5G capabilities. The order states that local government cannot prohibit wireless telecommunication services. Local governments are trying to ensure their regulations do not run afoul of the FCC requirements and their regulations do not have the effect of prohibiting wireless telecommunication services to their residents.

Gaithersburg, Maryland City Council members discussed potential changes to small cell tower ordinances for local right-of-ways at a public hearing on January 7, 2019. New changes in FCC regulations and the telecommunications industry spurred on the proposed revisions that would allow developers to increase the size of cell tower equipment housing. Crown Castle and AT&T have been in communication with local government to discuss the possible changes. According to Deputy City Manager Dennis Enslinger, the current size regulation for cell tower equipment is 2.8 cubic feet, and with the changes it would increase to 12 cubic feet.

Council Member Ryan Spiegel will soon become president of the Maryland Municipal League and the City of Gaithersburg Council, where he has expressed the importance of this issue, and continuing to regulate small cell installation.

The public record on the potential ordinance changes will be open until January 31, and the Council will re-address the issue in mid-February.

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