From left to right: Jody S. Kline, Dawn Jourdan, Jesse Bardsley, Pamela O. Nkwantabisah and Shelly Vallone.
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University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Features MM&C Attorney and Staff for Guest Lecture Event

Posted October 3, 2023 at 1:33 PM

On the afternoon of Thursday, September 14, three members of the Land Use and Zoning Law practice group of Miller, Miller & Canby were guest speakers in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at the University of Maryland, College Park, alongside university representatives. The class, “Land Use Planning: Concepts and Techniques,” included graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the Master of Community Planning program and the Real Estate and Historic Preservation program, creating a diverse and vibrant audience interested in how zoning works in their fields of interest. In attendance from Miller, Miller & Canby were Jody Kline, attorney and head of the Land Use and Zoning Law practice groups; Pamela Nkwantabisah, the firm’s Land Use Assistant Planner; and Shelly Vallone, Law Clerk in the firm’s Land Use and Zoning Law practice group. In attendance from the University of Maryland were Dawn Jourdan, Dean of the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and Jesse Bardsley, a student representative who is also employed at the University’s National Center for Smart Growth.

Arrangements for the guest lecture opportunity were organized by Ms. Nkwantabisah, a 2023 graduate of the UMD’s Master of Community Planning program. A unique synergy between academia and practice expertise, the presentation provided the opportunity for a lively discussion followed by a question and answer period. Students were able to gain insight into the scope and impact of their future careers in community planning. The collaboration between the University of Maryland and Miller, Miller & Canby exemplified the power of sharing real-world knowledge and experiences in an academic setting.

“We enjoyed interacting with the students, and were inspired and impressed with their questions,” said Ms. Nkwantabisah, “We look forward to future opportunities to engage with the university community,” she added.

For more information on Miller, Miller & Canby’s Land Use and Zoning Law practice groups, click here or contact Pamela Nkwantabisah.