Purple Line Update: Residents Along Path of Proposed Purple Line Told to Move Fences & Sheds
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Purple Line Update: Residents Along Path of Proposed Purple Line Told to Move Fences & Sheds

Posted January 7, 2016 at 6:06 PM

The Washington Post reported on January 6 that some Maryland residents along the planned route for the light-rail Purple Line are being told that they have until April 30 to tear down fences, sheds and anything else built on publicly owned land preserved for the project.  Click here to read the full story.  As the article confirms, Maryland is moving full steam ahead with the property acquisition process in order to acquire the property it needs to be able to begin construction as soon as the preferred contractor is chosen and the contract finalized later this year.

Some properties have already been acquired and other acquisitions are in process. Appraisers engaged by the State to value the property rights needed are in the field and their submitted appraisals continue to be reviewed by the MTA and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in preparation for offers to be made to owners.

What Owners Need to Know

Updated appraisals for those properties for which offers have not yet been made are coming in to the State. Such owners may expect to receive offers to purchase their properties at any time. It is important for owners to realize that they do not need to accept the offers. Often the offers do not reflect the full amount of compensation the owner is entitled to receive. For the properties for which offers were made before the Governor’s stay, but for which voluntary sales have not been reached, the State is preparing to file formal condemnation petitions. It is expected that the “first wave” of condemnation petitions will be filed this month. In addition, owners should expect the window for negotiations based on new updated appraisals to be narrow. Additional condemnations will have to be filed in the coming months if voluntary agreements are not reached, in order for the project to stay on schedule.

The eminent domain attorneys at Miller, Miller & Canby will review any offer made by the State without charge to determine whether we believe you may be entitled to greater compensation than has been offered by the State.  If you are interested in a no obligation review of your case, or if you have any questions about your rights or the condemnation process, please call our office at 301-762-5212 and ask to speak with one of our eminent domain attorneys, Jim Thompson or Joe Suntum.  To learn more about our eminent domain and condemnation law practice and representative case, click here.