Baltimore City

Baltimore City’s Urban Renewal Plans

Baltimore is undergoing a number of Urban Renewal projects, nearly all of which require acquisition of private property – by condemnation if necessary.  If you are uncertain whether your property is potentially subject to condemnation, you are encouraged to view the following webpages.  If your property is potentially targeted for condemnation, please feel free to contact us:

Link to Baltimore City’s Department of Planning webpage regarding Urban Renewal Projects: click here

Link to map of Baltimore City’s planned Urban Renewal Projects: click here

Link to Project C.O.R.E., orchestrated by Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development in partnership with the City of Baltimore designed/intended to address blight and create Opportunity Zones and new green space: click here

Link to Project C.O.R.E. Interactive Map Portal (Project C.O.R.E. is spread throughout much of the City, this map depicts what properties are targeted in Phases 1-through-4.  You can enter an address if you wish to determine if your property is potentially impacted): click here