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Filing Deadlines Approaching for Property Tax Appeals and Homestead Tax Credit Eligibility

Posted October 9, 2012 at 6:03 PM

December 31, 2012 represents the due date for filing an optional petition for review of commercial and residential property assessments.  It is also the deadline for homeowners to file the mandatory application for homestead tax credit eligibility. According to Miller, Miller & Canby’s Michael Campbell there are several good reasons for appealing assessments for properties; filing a petition for review can result in significant savings for the property owner. Regarding the Homestead Tax Credit, the majority of Marylanders have not filed the appropriate application, which must be filed for homeowners to qualify for the tax credit that limits the amount of assessment on which a homeowner actually pays taxes.  To learn more about these matters, view Michael Campbell’s article by clicking on Download Attachment at the end of this entry.   

Michael Campbell is a partner in the Litigation practice of Miller, Miller & Canby. He focuses his practice on commercial disputes, and handles cases relating to real property tax appeals, real estate contests, lease enforcement, contract disputes, and other business and personal disputes.  For more information regarding matters relating to property taxes in Maryland, contact  Michael Campbell