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Ellen Walker Featured in Washingtonian Magazine Article About Pets in Estate Plans

Posted March 13, 2013 at 4:21 PM

Miller, Miller & Canby's Ellen Walker is featured in Washingtonian Magazine's March issue in an article titled, "Everlasting Love." The article discusses a growing trend:  the provision of the care of pets in the estate plans of their owners. Oftentimes, pets end up in shelters after their owners pass away, if family members are unable or unwilling to care for them. One solution is a pet trust, a legally sanctioned agreement providing for the care of an animal after its owner dies. Unlike pet trusts created by wills, established in the course of the probate process and not immediately upon the owner's death, some pet trusts take effect immediately after an owner dies. Pet trusts can be integrated into trusts that are effective during the owner's lifetime. In either case, an owner designates a caregiver and trustee who manages funds for the care of the pet. As part of the process of setting up pet trusts for her clients, Ms. Walker has them fill out a "pet personality profile," so the designated caregiver has a true understanding of the animal's needs. For more information about pet trusts and other ways to provide for your pets, as well as other trust and estate planning concerns, contact  Ellen Walker