Business Attorney Glenn Anderson Featured on Executive Leaders Radio Program
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Business Attorney Glenn Anderson Featured on Executive Leaders Radio Program

Posted May 1, 2017 at 3:15 PM

Glenn Anderson joined Executive Leaders Radio on January 12 and was interviewed by host Herb Cohen, co-founder of the program.

Executive Leaders Radio conducts interviews of prominent CEOs, CFOs, and organizational leaders,  focusing on factors that contribute to success.

The ten to twenty-five minute on-air interviews are essentially informal conversations, where guests are asked about their background, education, influences, mentors and early career experiences. Guests also talk about their business, what they do and who they serve. Additionally, questions probe “interests outside of work, personal turning points and family sacrifices to capture the unique human aspect behind these prominent leaders."

During his interview Glenn spoke at length about the entrepreneurial drive that he possessed at a young age, and how his father influenced this passion. He also spoke about his education, the leadership roles he has held at Miller, Miller & Canby, which include Chief Financial Shareholder and Managing Shareholder, and his belief in the importance of mentoring.

In addition to launching Executive Leaders Radio, Herb Cohen also co-founded the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Entrepreneurial Network, Fairleigh Dickinson Entrepreneurial Center, and the Center for the Advancement of Study of Entrepreneurship at Temple University.

Executive Leaders Radio airs on Federal News Radio (WFED 1500 AM and streams at The program also airs nationally in major markets.

Glenn Anderson leads the Business & Tax practice and Estates & Trusts practice at Miller, Miller & Canby.  He can be reached 301-762-5212.