Attorney Joseph Suntum Speaks at National Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation Conference
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Attorney Joseph Suntum Speaks at National Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation Conference

Posted January 18, 2018 at 12:06 PM

Miller, Miller & Canby Eminent Domain attorney Joseph (Joe) Suntum joined the faculty for the American Law Institute’s 35th Annual Eminent Domain and Land Valuation Litigation Conference, held in Charleston, South Carolina January 25-27, 2018. The conference drew hundreds of eminent domain practitioners from all over the country, and was recommended for experienced practitioners as well as those new to the field. In addition to pertinent information such as effective case planning strategies and tips on staying current in eminent domain practice, discussions were targeted for attendees to learn about emerging issues.

Mr. Suntum’s presentation was part of the “Condemnation 101” portion of the conference directed to new practitioners in the field of eminent domain law, and titled “Back to Basics: An Overview of Common Condemnation Issues.”  This was the 10th year that Mr. Suntum was asked to be a member of the faculty for this highly-regarded event. He was joined at the conference by Miller, Miller & Canby’s eminent domain practice group, James Thompson, Diane Feuerherd and Callie Carnemark.

Joe Suntum is a principal with Miller, Miller & Canby and leads the firm’s Eminent Domain and Condemnation Group. His decades of trial experience and his in-depth knowledge of real property valuation and the law of eminent domain allow him to protect his clients’ property rights and maximize compensation for his clients when their properties are targeted for condemnation. Mr. Suntum speaks regularly on issues pertaining to eminent domain practice. He is the Owners’ Counsel of America (OCA) member attorney for the State of Maryland. Membership in the OCA, a national network of experienced condemnation attorneys who represent property owners in federal, state and local condemnation proceedings, is restricted to only one member attorney per state.

For more information about the practice of Eminent Domain, or if you have questions about your rights as a property owner, contact Joe Suntum at 301-762-5212.